A Tide Rising

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Ashes and DustPraying For Rain
Can’t Come Undone
You’re Beautiful to Me
Wings of Love
It Means The World
Sound of Quiet
The Same Old Road


No lyrics for this one!


I wouldn’t change a moment or take back a thing
Even the ache that these thoughts slowly bring.
Oh it’s a word or two
That makes a thought go through
My mind of times gone from my life.

You’re so much more than me
More than I’ll ever be.
I’m left holding my heart out in my hand
Please don’t pity me, please know I understand

Faded old photographs of things long since past
I will not forget them, forever they’ll last
They’ll stay in my heart
Beautiful as stars
They’ll play for today, wash me away.


You’ve a life still to live
Unlike me you still have a heart to give
How could I ever be so selfishly blinded by envy
That I could not see that some memories
Aren’t meant to leave traces in other people’s minds.


Ashes and Dust

I’m sitting in the ashes of what was a life
Before it burned up I thought I was alright,
But now it’s all dust
And I tried to save us
But I just couldn’t muster the strength.

Oh the deadly sweet taste
Of the trust so misplaced
In myself is now bitter regret
When it went up in flames
And left me with the blame
Oh the pain I will never forget

But now it’s all dust
And I tried to save us
But I just couldn’t muster the strength
To myself I lied
Told myself that I tried
That ever would I fight to the end


Softly sinking as I grope
I am slowly slipping down the slope
Of the foolish lies that I have told
That are now too slippery to hold
Tell myself I cannot change
What I am but all the same
I still know I am the one to blame
Will my efforts always be in vain?

Oh I burned up my life
With my eyes shut up tight
Now it feels like a knife in my back
And what’s left of it now
I really don’t know how
I can pick up the pieces again.

Ashes and Dust as I’m lying here crushed,
It’s all slipping away through my fingers.

Praying For Rain

When I walk in silence
Memories rise with violence.
Losses linger, pain grows sharp
Ashes cloud the sky so dark.

So I’m praying for rain,
Father give me the strength
When it stings my bare back to rejoice
God I’m begging you now
For the rain to fall down
Cause it keeps me moving on when I pray
For rain

Remedy my life with rain
Heal this broken heart with pain
After all this I should know
Comfort kills me, hardships grow


Praying for rain,
Because I won’t stay the same
It’ll kill me or make me more strong


Can’t Come Undone

Oh I am feeling so up tight
And all I know is that it hurts inside
And I’m sitting here in silence ‘cause the words just won’t come
And all the pressure’s building up ‘cause I can’t come undone.

I wanna cry, let it all out,
But when I try I can’t make a sound.

Oh I don’t wanna love you right now
I know I say that every time I’m down
But I’m sitting here in silence ‘cause the words just won’ come
And all the pressure’s building up ‘cause I can’t come undone.

I wanna cry, let it all out,
But when I try I can’t make a sound

So if you’re sitting there and you just can’t come undone
While you’re sitting staring blankly wishing that you could just run away
And scream and let all the stuff out that’s caged inside of you…
Will you have the strength to spit it out and tear your way through?
And you just can’t hold it in, but you just can’t let it out,
So whatya do my friend just hobble around?
And hope that someone somewhere sometime picks you out from the crowd
Of people surrounding you who feel it to with nothing to do?
They’re just like you!

Right now it’s just a little hard to think.
‘Cause there’s a silent storm that you can’t see.
It’s slowly growing stronger, but I don’t know what that means…
Still somehow it just won’t seem to release.

(First Verse)

You’re Beautiful To Me

Oh I don’t ever want to leave behind
Your deep grey eyes.
And all the time we’ve had together,
I’ll always remember.

They tell me that I will regret all the time that we spent.
They tell me that no one will always forever be friends
I know we have both made mistakes just like everyone
But I don’t believe that I’ll ever be sorry or done
With us

All those nights we’d lie and watch the stars,
They’re written on my heart.
And once the moon rose from behind the lake…
It’s by my bed to this day.


If God ever
Parts our ways
I just wanna say… You’re beautiful to me.
I hope you don’t forget what I just said…
So just in case, I’ll say it once again.

Wings of Love

All I need is for you to care about me,
I gave you my heart and I try to be the best I can be…
But I guess it’s not enough
‘Cause I just can’t rise above.
I’ve said everything I can think of to say
But you keep telling me I’m the one running away.
So I guess I’ll sit and wait
And cry over my mistakes.

Bring forth from the pieces of this wretched life
A joy in my heart carved by agony’s knife
When fate feeds my apathy and I lose this fight
Raise hope on the wings of love to dance through the night.

I’m struggling through to the best of my abilities,
I’m trying and trying but you never tell me you see.
So does that mean I’m not enough?
‘Cause if it does, I’m out of luck.
I’ve been feeling so hurt, so lost and alone,
I see all my faults and mistakes and I hate them, Oh you should know.
Some how it seems you don’t,
Which hurts a lot more than you know.


If I start believing the lies told by fate,
Still love whispers softly it’ll all be ok.
Just keep on believing and hold on to hope,
Don’t ever stop loving, don’t ever let go.

Brought forth from the pieces of this wretched life
Is a joy in my heart carved by agony.
Fate won’t feed my apathy when I’m not enough,
‘Cause hope’s flying high on the wings of love.

It Means The World

Over time I’ve slowly learned
When there’s nowhere left to turn,
Then the only thing that dulls the sting
Is to sing out all the hurt.
Sometimes life gets so surreal
And there’s only pain to feel.
Inspiration dies and despite my tries,
What’s left is just too real.

So I’ll close my eyes and sing for you,
‘Cause at this point that’s all I can do.

I hope someone’s listening,
And Oh I know I can’t sing,
But it means the world to me
If you listen…
So I’m giving you all that’s left
Of me after all this mess
I’ve opened my heart I hope you see
A little bit of beauty.

Son these notes will fade away
And the feelings that they make
Will be left behind and will dim and die
‘Cause that’s always been their fate.
Oh the music won’t last long,
And in a moment I’ll be gone,
But because you stopped just to hear me talk,
Oh tomorrow I’ll keep on.




Sound Of Quiet

Can you hear the sound of quiet?
It takes a discerning ear.
If you’d only slow down for a moment,
It’s a beautiful sound to hear.

So lift up your mind to places above
And let God release you to live and to love.
While right now it’s quiet, and everything’s calm,
Right here in this moment is where you belong.

Can you hear the sound of silence?
It rings so dead and cold.
Even amidst all our meaningless noise,
It will leave a gaping hole.


Think of all the beauty throughout all your life
Wrought by the bruises, the scars and the fights
If you listen careful, and slow down your heart,
You’ll hear the very subtle quiet of God.

(Verse 1)

The Same Old Road

C Em
Oh I wish that I could just forget the past
C Em
How I wish that consequences wouldn’t last
C Em
That future things would keep their worries to themselves
C D Em
‘Cause all this stress just doesn’t help.
I wish my past would learn to not repeat itself,
‘Cause the memories I throw away can’t seem to help
Stealing all the same things they stole before,
Tearing the same things they tore.

I feel like I’ve
Been here before,
But I don’t know why,
Should there be something more?
C Em
People they come and go,
C Em
The one’s I love, the one’s I don’t,
But every time change take’s its toll,
It doesn’t seem to take this road.

Take my hand let’s walk through this summer night,
Do you feel the ache brought back by moonlight?
Does your heart start to beat just a little fast?
Just brush it off, pretend it will pass.
This has happened so often you know what’s next,
It’s come around so many times you’ll never forget.
You know it’ll all end like last time,
But it’s sweet to you lips tonight.

I feel like I’ve
Been here a hundred times
Don’t know why,
Can’t say I really mind.
People they come and go,
The one’s I love, the one’s I don’t,
But I wouldn’t mind if you stayed
On the same old road as me.

C Em
So if the night is sweet to you,
Will you dance it, dance it, dance it through?
C Em
Will you dance with me ‘till morning breaks?
Will it slowly dull the ache away?
So if it’s sweet to you tonight,
And your heart will melt from the moonlight,
Will you walk the same old road again?
Will you dance with me ‘till nightmares end?
I don’t much care, you already know,
So I guess we’ll dance once more down this road.
And I know that something beautiful
Will always come to haunt my world.

C D Em
If I ask will your heart come undone?
Will you walk down the same old road, love?
If I ask will your heart strain to come?
Will you dance with me like you’re in love?


Various passages of scripture, mainly a passage from Revelation.