Music Recommendations

Something I wish other artists did was tell people what albums they listen to and really like, in the past and present. So, I figure I’ll do that for myself in the off-chance anyone is ever interested. Below is a list of albums that I think are worth listening to as a whole experience. I wrote a post on what I feel is one of the tragedies of music that has come with the digitization of music, which you can read here. The short of it being that most people miss out on the experience of sitting back for an hour and carefully listening to and absorbing albums as a whole. Of course, a lot of albums are not worth listening to all the way through. But here is a list of some of my favorite albums that I think are exquisite pieces of art in their entirety. They are very roughly in order of my discovery of them. This is not by any stretch the extent of my musical influences, it’s just a list of particular albums that I have found worthy of listening to and absorbing as a whole at some point in my life.

Comatose — Skillet
Phobia — Breaking Benjamin
One X — Three Days Grace
Waking Hour — Vienna Teng
Volume I — Hurt
Volume II — Hurt
Dressed up As Life — Sick Puppies
Travel I, II, II — Future of Forestry
Elephants — Rachel Yamagata
Trouble — Ray LaMontagne
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter — Jon Foreman
10,000 Days — Tool
Build Me This — Joshua James
I am Mountain — Gungor
The Reckoning — Needtobreathe
+ — Ed Sheeran
The Heroine Diaries — Sixx AM
The Connection — Papa Roach
Ascension and Descension — Coheed and Cambria
Ixora — Copeland
Saints and Liars — Noah Gunderson
Of Beauty and Rage — Red
In Shallow Seas We Sail — Emery
The Color Before the Sun — Coheed and Cambria
Lateralus — Tool
Ammunition — Krewella
The Alchemy Index, Vol 1 and Vol 2 — Thrice
Cataclasm — Crywolf
To Be Everywhere is to be Nowhere — Thrice
The Human Condition — Jon Bellion
Fear Inoculum — Tool
widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I] — Crywolf