Album Update 2

I thought I’d post the email I just sent out to the list here and remind anyone not subscribed to the email list (which is different from receiving the blog posts by email) to do so. Just follow the link in the sidebar to the right in order to do so.


It’s been a pretty productive week in the basement this time around.

1) I practiced a lot of violin on my new violin which arrived on Wednesday. Hoping to squeeze some of my violin playing in on this album, but we’ll see if my playing is up to snuff in time for some very simple violin parts. I’ve been listening a lot to the Schindler’s List soundtrack with Itzhak Perlman — some gorgeous violin on that soundtrack.

2) I became obsessed with gypsy flamenco music, practiced a lot of flamenco guitar, and wrote a flamenco inspired song on the story of the giants that Anodos and his two friends the princes fight. The verses and chorus are written and recorded for the music and the lyrics are about a third of the way there. I’m loving the soundtrack flamenco music from the indie film Vengo which I’m trying to get a-hold of to watch… a harder task than it might at first sound.

3) I finished (I think?) recording the first track ‘Enter Faery’ which has an orchestra and a choir of me singing. It’s super epic. I’m tempted to release it to this email list as a sneak peak to the album. We’ll see.

4) I wrote most of the maid of the alder song and will be sending a rough draft off to Amy to record her vocal parts tomorrow (hopefully). It’s turning out pretty cool I think, and it will be a much more successful attempt at EDM than Death Be Not Proud, this time inspired by the genre of vocal trance as opposed to dubstep.

5) I continue to be stumped by my song ‘Rusted Armor’ sung from the perspective of the knight when Anodos first meets him. I have the lyrics and acoustic guitar written for it, but I can’t get instrumentation to the song to my liking. I like the song a lot as I’m playing it on my acoustic guitar, but getting it into a recorded song is proving quite difficult. Hopefully this week I’ll be able to get it down to my satisfaction.

Looks like I’ve successfully conqured my inherent lazy tendencies for another week and sent out an update. Until next week, cheers! (and thanks for subscribing)

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